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With over 60 years of debt collection experience, Lou Harris has the knowledge and know-how to do better as debt collectors for our clients. Most agencies only collect 10% - 15% of receivables. We average 35% -- 2 ½ to 3 times more. But that’s just where better begins. Lou Harris respects your clients and works to collect the money you’re owed, while preserving your valued client relationships. Add custom tailored accounts receivable solutions and even more distinction emerges. If you’re owed money, you owe it to yourself and your business to call.
Medical Collections


Countless Doctors, Dentists and Surgery Centers have increased their cash flow, and decreased their outstanding A/R utilizing our proven step by step process.

Medical Collections is the bread and butter of our company. It is what we specialize in. Over the course of 65 years, our highly experienced staff has developed a cutting edge debt collection program designed specifically for the medical industry. 




Commercial Collections


Commercial collections, or business to business collections, requires a completely different approach then collecting for consumer accounts. 


Lou Harris Company's commercial collection department is solely dedicated to collecting commercial debt. 


Our commercial debt collectors are highly trained, and have a proven track record of resolving outstanding debt owed to your company by your customers.



Veterinary Collections


In 2017 people in the United States Of America spent $17.07 billion dollars on Veterinary care. More and more families have a pet in their house. Prices for medical supplies have risen, costs continue to go up, which puts more pressure on your practice's profit margin and bottom line. 

Lou Harris Company has a specialized collection campaign that is specifically designed for Veterinary practices. 

Pre Collection Services


Our personalized Pre-Collection Letter Program has been developed to offer our clients an effective low-cost alternative to full collection agency services. For as little as

$5.00 per account, regardless of the balance with no commission or fees, 100% of all money recovered is paid directly to you.


We can solve your collection problems before they become bigger problems with our step-by-step cost-effective program.


    Let Lou Harris & Company make your

                    CASH FLOW!


Legal Action


While every effort is made to collect the debt "in house", sometimes the use of an expert collection attorney is needed. 


Your patients/customers have ignored the diplomatic letters and failed to pay voluntarily even though he or she has promised to make payments. Now, it is time for qualified accounts, to be forwarded to our attorneys that specialize in legal action.


Lou Harris Company has a large network of very skilled and qualified collection attorneys to handle your lawsuit.


Landlord Collections


Lou Harris Company has a specialized department that is solely devoted to the collection of past due balances owed to landlords, apartment complexes, and student housing. 


Lou Harris Company's Landlord Collection Program is designed to intervene early, before the debt becomes unmanageable. 


Our 3 step collection program for the landlord/tenant collections is a proven approach to recover past due balances from your tenants. 



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